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Helping Students Grow

We have qualified, caring, and committed staff working with the children. All staff members maintain current First Aid and C.P.R. certification, and have undergone Criminal Record/Child Abuse Registry checks.


Mrs. Suzanne Midford

Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Joy Gevers


Mrs. Toni Costa

Homeroom A - Grade 1/2

Mrs. Mandeep Sharma

Homeroom B - Grade 1/2

Mrs. Joanna Lamaria

Homeroom C - Grade 3/4

Ms. Jennifer Boughner

Homeroom D - Grade 3/4

Ms. Jennifer Allen

Homeroom E - Grade 5/6

Ms. Angela Caruk

Homeroom F - Grade 5/6

Mrs. Brooke Enns

Homeroom G - Grade 7/8

Mrs. Donna Moran

Homeroom H - Grade 7/8

Mrs. Marie Thobi Ndebo

Student Services

Mrs. Toni Costa

Phys. Ed.

Mr. Andrew Faucher

Support Staff

Mrs. Megan Daley - EA

Mr. Giancarlo Balaag - EA

Junel Malang - Custodian

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