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Code Of Conduct

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Student Wearing School Uniform

Uniforms provide a level of safety and security for parents and students. Wearing uniforms has multiple benefits from lowering student anxiety over what to wear and the pressure of wearing what is “cool” and “trendy.” Parents spend less on clothing as the children wear the same kind of clothes everyday and save on time on getting their child dressed in the morning.

Uniform Dress


  • OLV Crested Navy Shirt

  • Navy Pants

  • Navy Shorts

Gym (grades 5-8)

  • OLV Navy T-Shirt

  • OLV Navy Shorts

  • Appropriate athletic shoes


  • OLV Crested Navy Shirt

  • Navy Pants

  • Navy Shorts

  • Navy Skirts

  • Navy Tights (worn underneath skirts/skorts)


  • Need to have non-marking soles

  • Each student should have an outdoor
    and an indoor pair of shoes

  • Sandals must have heel strap

  • Socks required at all times when inside school

Supply List

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Grade 3-4

Grade 7-8

Grade 1-2

Grade 5-6

Phys. Ed.

Athletics Department

Stay ahead of the game! Get in the zone with our athletic department's calendar. Keep track of the action and join us!

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