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Bus Schedule

It is our pleasure to welcome everyone back for another great year and to welcome new students to Our Lady of Victory School. We are all excited to have students back in our classrooms and hallways filling them with energy and enthusiasm for learning. It is our mission to help every child feel welcomed, connected, and a part of our OLV family.

This year Our Lady of Victory School has added a bus to the south end of the city. Students who were previously on the school van will now be on a school bus.

Bus A

Bus B

Bus C

Bus S

Rules for the Bus

Below are the rules and regulations that students and parents must adhere to:

 1. Hands to Yourself

         a. Keep your hands and feet and all items to yourself. No sharing of electronics.

         b. All body parts and objects stay inside the bus.

 2. Stay Seated

         a. Stay seated at all times.

         b. Facing forward with backs on the seats and bags on the floor or on their laps.

         c. Sit in assigned seat or where the bus patrol or driver tell you to.

         d. Get on and get off the school bus in an orderly fashion.

 3. Quietly talk to your Neighbours

         a. You may talk to the people around you as long as it does not break other rules.

         b. Talk in quiet calm voice. No yelling including out of windows.

         c. You must talk respectfully and politely at all times

         d. Electronics should never be heard by others. Use headphones.

 4. Clear the Aisle

         a. Keep legs and items out of the aisle at all times

 5. No food or drink

         a. All beverages and food need to stay in your bag.

 6. Listen to Bus Patrol/Driver

         a. Listen, respect, and obey the driver and bus patrols at all times.

**The bus is an extension of the school and therefore all rules at school apply to the bus.

Rules on the Bus

1. Hands to Yourself
2. Stay Seated
3. Quietly Talk to Your Neighbour
4. Clear the Aisle
5. No food or drink—just water
6. Listen to Bus Patrol/Driver

FirstView - Bus Tracking

We now have an app called FirstView that will allow parents to:

  • see where the bus is

  • estimated time of arrival at a pickup point

  • get notifications if buses are running late

  • confirmation that your child had been dropped off.

See the video below to get a bit more understanding what the app can do. To download the app choose iOS or Android. Student ID numbers will be provide to parents at the beginning of the year.


             FirstView Parent App Walkthrough | FirstView App Overview

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