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Msgr. James K. MacIsaac

Our Lady of Victory School was founded by a former pastor, Msgr. James K. MacIsaac. In 1939 Fr. MacIsaac enrolled in the Canadian Armed Forces and rose to the rank of Colonel.  On his return from the war, he had a dream- to build a Parish and School to memorialize those men and women who had sacrificed their lives for their country.  Thus, in 1946, Our Lady of Victory Memorial Parish was formed and construction started. It was not until 1949 when the basement was completed that Our Lady of Victory School was official open.  When the 25th Anniversary of the parish was observed in 1971 the Parishioners renamed the school “James K. MacIsaac School” in honor of Msgr. MacIsaac’s complete dedication, tireless efforts and positive leadership.  Then, in 1999, as part of the 50th Anniversary celebrations, it was decided to change the school to its original name – Our Lady of Victory School.


Our Lady of Victory – The History and Meaning

In the Battle of Lepanto in 1571, the Christian and Turkish navy faced off. The Christian navy was out matched by the larger Turkish forces. The Turkish navy was defeated preventing the Ottoman Empire from expanding and taking over Western Europe. In preparation for this battle, the Pope, St. Pius V, ordered that the Holy Rosary be prayed throughout the Christian World, just as was later to be done before the Battle of Vienna in 1683. Yet, another battle won through prayer even though the odds were against us. Our Lady of Victory was later changed to Our Lady of the Rosary. We celebrate the feast day of Our Lady of Victory/Rosary on October 7.

Mission Statement

“A learning community in the Catholic tradition where students are encouraged to reach their potential.”

Message from the Principal

Welcome the Our Lady of Victory School’s website. Thank you for taking the time to research our school. I have been working at this school for 10 years and I am honoured to lead a team providing a unique learning experience that is nurturing and welcoming. We have a staff of supporting and caring people who value that unique learning experience.


Our faith-based school starts at Kindergarten and ends at Grade 8 with around 200 students in multi-age classrooms. These classrooms have a ratio of a maximum of 25 students to each teacher. We provide learning experiences based on Manitoba Curriculum with the addition of Catholic education instruction incorporated into our six-day cycle.


Our programing focuses on individual student goals for personal growth. Our Lady of Victory school provides students with a disciplined and structured atmosphere for students with varying ethnic and economic backgrounds. After you have browsed this website, give us a call to make an appointment to come on down for a tour.

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