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Dress Code Policy

All will dress according to the Dress Code. School uniform consists of navy tops and navy bottoms. Navy pants or shorts for boys. Navy pants, skirts, shorts, and/or skorts for girls. No jeans, sweats, or jumpers allowed. Navy leggings, stockings or tights may be worn under clothing but not by themselves. Shorts, skirts, and skorts must reach to the fingertips of the extended arm. Bottom wear that expose the skin (for example shorts) may be worn in suitable weather (suitable weather would be defined as the predicted high for the day is 15 degrees Celsius or higher). Undershirts are not to be distracting from the uniform itself. Gym uniforms are required for grades 5-8. They are not to be worn for daily dress. For sanitary and hygiene purposes, socks/tights are to be worn at all times inside the school.

Shoes must have non-marking soles. Students need to have 1 pair of shoes year round, specifically for inside use only and should be appropriate for gym as well. Shoes may not have a heel larger than 1”. Sandals need to have a heel strap and are worn in suitable weather, however, they are not gym appropriate.

Loose or dangly pieces of jewellery are major safety issues during recess or gym. If earrings are worn, only studs and loops can be worn.  If loops are worn, there should be no space between the earring and the ear. Other body piercings including, but not limited to, septum, eyebrow, nose, tongue, and lip, are not permitted. And any items not mentioned here but administration deems unsatisfactory or distracting will not be allowed.


Dress must be neat, clean and appropriate. Ripped or torn clothing will need to be repaired or replaced.

The administration may make exceptions to the dress code policy for cultural or religious reasons.

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